Top 5 amazing books to learn English you’ve, probably, never heard of

Hi to everyone who is reading this. I’m back with a new post about books. As you know, reading is one of the most efficient ways to boost your English skills. However, if you’re a passionate reader like myself, then you’ve probably already read the most popular New York Times bestsellers and desire to dive into something less hyped, but invaluable nonetheless. In that case, I’ve got you covered.

Here are my favourite non-bestselling books classified by genre and complexity. I hope you’ll be able to stick to one of them.

1. A Midsummer’s Nightmare by Kody Keplinger (comedy, pre-intermediate)

This book follows the story of this girl named Whitley, who has just graduated from High-school. Her parents are long divorced, and Whitley is used to never being the spotlight of their attention, which results in her partying all the time. She is a great example of an easy girl who isn’t ready for dramatic changes.

As a rule, Whitley spends every summer with her dad at his cozy condo, fishing, drinking and casually hanging out with his temporary girlfriends. But little does she know that this summer is about to turn over everything as her dad is getting married again and the woman’s son happens to be the guy from the graduation party whom she knows inappropriately well…

P.S I really relished my time with this book. it may appear pretty simple at first sight, but still it discusses multiple issues related to the role of relationships between parents and kids alongside with giving you an incredibly large number of modern American slang expressions and daily conversations. If day-to-day English is something you want to get more familiar with, then be confident to pick this one up.

A sneak peek into the book

2. I was here by Gayle Forman (mystery-drama, intermediate)

The main character, Cody, is going through the loss of her best friend, Meg, who committed suicide just a few months ago. Cody is absolutely clueless how her brave and enthusiastic friend could’ve been contemplating this self-murder without Cody knowing. She blames herself for not being there for Meg, and this desire to make up for failing Meg in life is what drives our character to sleuth the details of her friend’s suicide. But what she finds is going to change Cody’s life forever.

P.S This book is difficult in terms of the massage it carries. The language is relatively basic, but the subject of suicide is extremely serious and heavy. Therefore, if you’re not in the right headspace, I suggest skipping this book for now and , maybe, settling on the above mentioned comedy.

3. If I die before I wake by Emily Koch (drama-mystery, upper-intermediate)

The book follows this man named Alex, who is a great and successful journalist. However, he is just as keen on climbing. Unfortunately, during one of his climbs he slips off a cliff and ends up in coma. Everyone around him has almost lost hope, but little do they know that he is awake. Alex can hear them, feel their touches and sense the sunlight on his eyelids, but he cannot respond. And that is when the police finally find the evidence that Alex’s fall wasn’t an accident. But who tried to kill him? Was it someone really close to him? Someone he thought was his friend?

P.S A really exciting and thrilling tail about a half-conscious man attempting to solve his own murder. I think this book is greatly underrated.

4. The Rains by Gregg Hurwitz (fantasy-thriller, advanced)

This one is really outstanding. It follows a 15-year-old boy Chance Rain and his older brother, Patrick Rain. They live a quiet life in their village until one day the meteor lands on one of their fields and produces loads of unfamiliar spores. Soon enough Chance and Patrick realise that the spores are infected with a virus that turns all the adults into monsters. But the real question is who sent the meteor? And how can they change back the world?

P.S Though it’s narrated from a teen boy’s perspective, the book contains a bunch of action scenes filled with miscellaneous verbs, which sometimes is pretty hard to follow. But it’s a great way to improve your reading comprehension and become advanced.

5. Last chance by Gregg Hurwitz ( sequel to the Rains)

If you enjoyed The Rains, then you probably want to check out its sequel, where we ultimately find out how our characters save the planet.

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